80s Themed Workouts

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As a teenager who constantly tried to lose weight and hated my body, I tried a lot of workouts and diets. I remember Sweatin' to the Oldies with Richard Simmons and while his positivity was catching, I ended up hating some of the songs just because it reminded me of hating me and wanting to change everything about me.

These days my workouts are much more positive and I'm always looking for something fun. Lately I am loving working out with GrowWithJo on YouTube, and her 80s and 90s workouts are my favorites. There are no shaming comments, and I love that she's around my age and even wears glasses during the 90s workout. I don't know if I remember ever working out with a fellow glasses-wearer!

Do you have any 80s workouts that you love? Share them in the chat.

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Cute 80s Emo Boys

Yes, I've made a playlist by this very name!

Charlie Sexton's "Beat's So Lonely" has been on repeat on my Spotify app for over a week now. As a Xennial you'd think I would have already known this song, but somehow I had never seen Some Kind of Wonderful until quarantine. While I wasn't a big fan of the movie--I could've totally done without Eric Stoltz and rooted for the young women to get together while fully knowing it was a lost cause (remake?)--I fell for the song hard.

So I decided I wanted to hear more songs like it. I love that poppy yet gritty sound that I associate with... well, 80s emo boys! So I made a playlist featuring Loverboy, The Cure, Simple Minds and other bands.

I'd love more songs to add. What other songs would you recommend for a list like this? Share them in the chat!

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80s Stuff That Makes No Sense Today

90s Stuff, Too!

It's really fun to go back and ponder over all the weird things we did or had during the 80s and 90s that make no sense today. I love seeing people look at, say, an image of someone winding a video cassette tape (or an audio one, for that matter) up after the tape came out. "What is that?" they ask. I think, "Is this how my grandma felt when we asked about radio programs and soda fountains?" The answer is likely yes, which is so fun. You have to wonder what kids will ask in another 30 years.

This list of things that no longer makes sense is delightful. From wite-out to library cards, not having cell phones (and having to wait for parents) to projectors and VHS tapes, there's a little bit of everything being discussed on Twitter. A lot of people say it makes them feel old but I just think it's neat to see how things have evolved since then. I think most have been for the better, don't you? I do wish my teen wouldn't be on the phone so long but we all could use more tech-free moments, I think.

What is something from the 80s or 90s that really baffles you, or that you remember and would no longer be useful today?

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Totally Rad 80s Bath and Body

What have you found?

While I don't have high hopes about finding my Love's Lemon scent anytime soon (or one that's been made recently enough to smell good, that is!), I've seen so many fun 80s bath and body products around the web that prove we're keeping the 80s alive and well! One of my favorite indie companies, Fortune Cookie Soap, had a whole 1980s collection based on celebs as well as things like the Rubick's Cube. Material Girl linen spray, anyone? How about a Billie Jean shampoo or conditioner bar?

There are plenty to be found on Etsy, of course. How about these 80s themed movie bath bombs? They are adorable. I've also found dupes of some 80s perfumes! Remember Malibu Musk? Yep, there are dupes for it on Etsy.

What fun 80s products have you seen? Share them in the chat.

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Recasting 80s Movies

Who would you pick?

Rumors are abounding that Michael Keaton is on board to play the titular character in Beetlejuice 2, but that's one movie from my childhood I don't really care to see updated in the least. Okay, Beetlejuice is a totally toxic character, but he's the bad guy. He gets punished and we aren't meant to root for him. Do we need a prequel, or an updated version where he's learned his lesson? I like Keaton but I don't know that we do.

There are plenty of other movies I'd rather seen untouched, too, from The Goonies to The Neverending Story, but there are also plenty of 80s movies that could really use better updates. From Revenge of the Nerds to Pretty in Pink, there were a lot of problematic themes in 80s films that nobody would pay to see today. So if these movies were remade or recast, who would you want to play in them?

Recast your favorite (and not so favorite) 80s movies in the chat!

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No Stranger Things Until 2022?

That's what Finn Wolfhard says...

According to Finn Wolfhard, who plays Mike Wheeler on Netflix's Stranger Things, we probably won't get to see season four of the 80s throwback horror/sci-fi show until next year. The actor said it would be probably sometime next year, so maybe there's still hope for a release in 2021?

Have you seen all of the kids lately, though? They are growing up rather quickly. It makes you wonder how much time is going to pass in between seasons to account for the time that really has passed during the pandemic. They may end up farther in the future than we expect.

What are your predictions for season four, especially in terms of a timeline? Do you think El will get her telekinesis back? Share your thoughts in the chat!

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80s Themed Week with Wawa

Why not extend it to where you live?

Convenience store Wawa is hosting an 80s themed week in honor of their charity work to fight hunger and support health initiatives, education and the military. They are joining with The Goldbergs TV show to do this next week, showcasing 80s music and clips from the TV show to celebrate.

This is a great opportunity to host our own 80s weeks at home. Why not celebrate a bit with our own music, dress-up and movies? I know plenty of us would love to re-watch our favorite movies or even Stranger Things once again.

Will you be joining in any 80s events, either at the stores or at home? Share your plans in the chat.

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Nothin' But a Good Time

New 80s book takes a look at the music of the decade

There is a new book about 80s culture we all need to get our hands on and have a virtual book club to discuss! Nothin' But a Good Time: The Uncensored History of the ’80s Hard Rock Explosion by Richard Bienstock and Tom Beaujour is filled with little-known trivia and facts that I know we're all curious about.

Reviews of the book state that we can learn about how Michael Jackson once copied Warrant (what! This seems blasphemous to me!), how band members nearly became members of other popular bands and much more. They did hundreds of interviews to compile the juicy details in the book.

What do you think? Want to read it together? Let me know in the chat!

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WrestleMania Memories From the 80s

Share yours in the chat!

While I'm not a big wrestling fan today (aside from that incredible Mickey Rourke movie, which moved me to tears), back in the 80s I loved watching wrestling with my dad. He was big on WWF and loved Hulk Hogan to the point of mimicking his facial hair! I loved The Undertaker. He spoke to the mini goth in my heart.

I ran across this piece about 10 WrestleMania matches that I thought I'd share to inspire others to share their favorite matches and moments. You know, I was a kid and I don't remember a lot of matches, but I remember the "Ohh!" noises my dad would make--as if he were injured!--and just enjoying my time with him.

What are your favorite memories of wrestling from the 80s? Share them in the chat.

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The Best of the 80s

Share what you remember

Sharing our favorite nostalgic things about the 1980s is keeping many a Milennial or Gen Xer going these days. Yes, we need to take on everything from voter suppression to universal healthcare, but we can also remember who the best drummer was. Of course we have to fight for a living wage and affordable college and everything in between, but remember the best albums of the decade every now and then helps us through the day.

As an 80s kid, my biggies were Care Bears, Strawberry Shortcake, Rainbow Brite, My Little Pony and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I NEVER get tired of these things. My husband bought me a giant watering can the othe day with the little sprinkler like Strawberry's and I made such a big deal about it. I even found the video on YouTube to show our teenager. It's the small things, really.

What favorite things from the 80s are you thinking about lately? Share them in the chat. 

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