80s Ambient Noise

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As a big lover of ambient mixers and finding music to suit my many moods, I fell head over heels for this 80s Synthwave and Retro Electro Music playlist on YouTube recently. It has all of the synthesizers you'd expect; all you need is your own montage (and Aqua Net). It's such a fun list to work to and there's not a lot of talking; most of it is just instrumental so you can listen while you do paperwork, write, whatever.

It looks like there are lots of other playlists to explore, too, which is very exciting. Is it just me or do you sometimes get tired of hearing your same favorite songs over and over? Not all the time, mind you, but just having that constant access without commercials or having to skip anything makes me feel a little spoiled and blase about it! How about you? This is a nice, refreshing take with similar beats.

Have you found anything similar to this Back to the 80s playlist? I'd love to find ones for other decades, too, but the 80s just have that super identifiable quality to them. Share any similar finds you've enjoyed in the chat!

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The Best 80s Soundtracks

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Movie soundtracks just aren't what they used to be. I get that I sound very Boomer when I say that, but don't you agree? With a few exceptions like Into the Spiderverse, too many soundtracks just fail to really convey the mood of their movies these days. When I think of everything from Ghostbusters to Footloose to Dirty Dancing, I think of incredible soundtracks.

My favorite 80s movie soundtrack isn't technically from the 80s since the film was released in 1990, but given that TIFFANY sings all the songs and they were made prior to the movie's release, I say it counts! Oh, you haven't seen the animated film The Jetsons Movie? It's positively intergalactic and it MUST be seen by every 80s love, especially if you love my girl Tiffany.

So what's your favorite 80s movie soundtrack? Share it in the chat!

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New Album From Debbie Gibson

The 80s are calling!

Who didn't love Debbie Gibson in the 80s? From "Only in My Dreams" to "Shake Your Love," you can't have an 80s themed party without her. She's as lovely as ever, and she certainly hasn't stopped in all these years, with chart-topping hits in 2006, 2017 and just as recently as last year with "Girls Night Out."

Now Gibson has a new album coming out, her first in decades. The Body Remembers will be released this coming August and fans surely can't wait to get their hands on a new collection of songs from the icon. It's going to feature 15 songs by Gibson, including a new version of "Lost in Your Eyes," which I'm very excited to hear!

Will you be purchasing Gibson's new album this summer? Share your thoughts in the chat.

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Guardians Game to Feature 80s Music

The soundtrack is sure to be phenomenal!

The Guardians of the Galaxy has one of the best soundtracks of any movie in existence, so it's no surprise that the game soundtrack is going to be excellent. But it goes even further than that: the songs will actually be utilized as a part of gameplay! During a battle, the team will huddle and Starlord will use songs as part of his speech, which should be a really fun bit of nostalgia for us 80s folks.

The Guardians series is one of my favorites and I can't wait to see where James Gunn takes it next, and I can't deny that the killer soundtrack is a big part of it. I've listened to it many times and it's always a good mood changer!

Are you looking forward to the Guardians game or the next film? What do you think of the soundtrack so far, and what do you think needs to be added for the next movie?

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Four More Cast Members Added To Stranger Things

How big is this show going to get?

One of the biggest flaws of Stranger Things is that all of the characters who are most likely to die (the children especially) just... don't. Of course that's common among 80s sci-fi/horror so it makes sense, but that also means we have come to expect each season's new characters to be more at-risk than the main gang. Hopefully a terrible fate isn't in store for any of these four newcomers.

The four new cast members are Amybeth McNulty, Myles Truitt, Regina Ting Chen and Grace Van Dien. It's nice to see a little more diversity in the show, and we already had four other cast members announced--Robert Englund, Jamie Campbell Bower, Eduardo Franco and Joseph Quinn. The former quartet is playing three students and a guidance counselor. One is playing a nerd who "catches the eye" of one of our regular cast members and I sure hope it's not Will. Too many of us are rooting for Will to either be gay or asexual at this point.

What do you think of the announcement? What are you hoping to see this season?

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Stranger Things Still Filming

The series will likely wrap up this summer, according to star

According to Chief Hopper, AKA David Harbour, Stranger Things is still filming and the season will likely finish up at the end of summer. This means that we probably won't see anything until 2022, as was predicted by Mike Wheeler, AKA Finn Wolfhard, in another interview.

Harbour recently made news when it was discovered that he leaked photos of his role in Black Widow to the Duffer Brothers in order to prevent them from utilizing the same look in the show. He didn't want the characters to be associated with one another, so it was a leak made in good faith for a good cause.

When do you think season four will debut? Any new predictions to share? Post them in the chat.

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80s Themed Workouts

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As a teenager who constantly tried to lose weight and hated my body, I tried a lot of workouts and diets. I remember Sweatin' to the Oldies with Richard Simmons and while his positivity was catching, I ended up hating some of the songs just because it reminded me of hating me and wanting to change everything about me.

These days my workouts are much more positive and I'm always looking for something fun. Lately I am loving working out with GrowWithJo on YouTube, and her 80s and 90s workouts are my favorites. There are no shaming comments, and I love that she's around my age and even wears glasses during the 90s workout. I don't know if I remember ever working out with a fellow glasses-wearer!

Do you have any 80s workouts that you love? Share them in the chat.

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Cute 80s Emo Boys

Yes, I've made a playlist by this very name!

Charlie Sexton's "Beat's So Lonely" has been on repeat on my Spotify app for over a week now. As a Xennial you'd think I would have already known this song, but somehow I had never seen Some Kind of Wonderful until quarantine. While I wasn't a big fan of the movie--I could've totally done without Eric Stoltz and rooted for the young women to get together while fully knowing it was a lost cause (remake?)--I fell for the song hard.

So I decided I wanted to hear more songs like it. I love that poppy yet gritty sound that I associate with... well, 80s emo boys! So I made a playlist featuring Loverboy, The Cure, Simple Minds and other bands.

I'd love more songs to add. What other songs would you recommend for a list like this? Share them in the chat!

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80s Stuff That Makes No Sense Today

90s Stuff, Too!

It's really fun to go back and ponder over all the weird things we did or had during the 80s and 90s that make no sense today. I love seeing people look at, say, an image of someone winding a video cassette tape (or an audio one, for that matter) up after the tape came out. "What is that?" they ask. I think, "Is this how my grandma felt when we asked about radio programs and soda fountains?" The answer is likely yes, which is so fun. You have to wonder what kids will ask in another 30 years.

This list of things that no longer makes sense is delightful. From wite-out to library cards, not having cell phones (and having to wait for parents) to projectors and VHS tapes, there's a little bit of everything being discussed on Twitter. A lot of people say it makes them feel old but I just think it's neat to see how things have evolved since then. I think most have been for the better, don't you? I do wish my teen wouldn't be on the phone so long but we all could use more tech-free moments, I think.

What is something from the 80s or 90s that really baffles you, or that you remember and would no longer be useful today?

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Totally Rad 80s Bath and Body

What have you found?

While I don't have high hopes about finding my Love's Lemon scent anytime soon (or one that's been made recently enough to smell good, that is!), I've seen so many fun 80s bath and body products around the web that prove we're keeping the 80s alive and well! One of my favorite indie companies, Fortune Cookie Soap, had a whole 1980s collection based on celebs as well as things like the Rubick's Cube. Material Girl linen spray, anyone? How about a Billie Jean shampoo or conditioner bar?

There are plenty to be found on Etsy, of course. How about these 80s themed movie bath bombs? They are adorable. I've also found dupes of some 80s perfumes! Remember Malibu Musk? Yep, there are dupes for it on Etsy.

What fun 80s products have you seen? Share them in the chat.

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