Virtual 80s Halloween Events

Which ones have you found to attend?

Halloween is almost here, and it's more important than ever to solidify your plans early to make sure you can social distance and still have fun. With trick or treating and indoor parties out per the CDC guidelines, how will you get your 80s vibe on?

Odds are that there are a bunch of events taking place online in your area, and you can always set up your own virtual events with friends and family. You can also join in to meet new people via events like this one. From dancing to 80s karaoke and trivial pursuit, you can do so many things even though it's online!

How will you be grooving to the 80s on Halloween? Share your plans in the chat.

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80s Horror Icons

Who's your favorite?

It's that time of year again--time for movie monsters, slashers and other villains! We have more horror icons than ever to celebrate this Halloween, and while I'd still argue that we need more female horror icons in general, many of them hail from the 1980s.

From Leatherface to Jack Torrence, Jason to Pinhead, there are so many different characters who found their fan bases in the 80s. They continue to remain popular to this day, with dozens of both big businesses as well as smaller indie stores releasing all kinds of merch to celebrate them. Several are even getting more sequels next year.

So which 80s horror villain is your favorite? Share them in the chat.

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Weirdest Occurrences of the 80s

What do you think was the weirdest thing that happened?

Every decade has its weird occurrences, some many more than others. While researchers agree that this plague isn't as bad as the previous one that kept people indoors (yet), 2020 might just be in the running for one of the worst years in history.

Many of us look back on the 80s as a time of peace and prosperity, but many also think of it as a time of excess and waste, a time when we really started to snowball into the waste and environmental destruction we have today. But there were also a bunch of weird events, like inappropriate scenes in movies between real teenagers, fights over Cabbage Patch Dolls and other weirdness.

So what do you think was the strangest thing that happened in the 80s? Share your stories in the chat.

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Retro Halloween Decorations

What do you like to put up?

Over the past few years, I've noticed vintage Halloween decorations really making a comeback. This year I've seen more throwbacks to old decorations than ever and I love it! Many Etsy sellers are even able to find original designs to replicate.

I still have a few of my grandmother's old decorations, but over the years too many of them have become degraded due to weather and age. I really wish I could have many more as it was her favorite holiday, too.

What cool vintage decorations do you have? Share them with us in the chat!

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Stranger Things Actor to Star in Major Motion Picture

Dacre Montgomery to star in Broken Hearts Gallery

Stranger Things fans are used to seeing their favorite stars in movies lately. From Enola Holmes to New Mutants to Ghostbusters, there's a Stranger Things kid in so many new pictures coming to the big screen or to streaming services. But did you know that Billy actor Dacre Montgomery will also be starring in a new movie?

The Broken Hearts Gallery is a new romantic comedy about a young woman who starts a gallery of items from ex-relationships in an unexpected way. It looks really funny and fun, the perfect thing we need in 2020. If only we could watch it from a distance!

Any other movies our favorite 80s gang will be in soon? Share what you find below!

An 80s Childhood

Share your memories!

As a child of the 80s, I know my upbringing was a lot different from the kids' of today. Unlike many people, I'm not going to say it was better or worse, for that matter, since it's just different. A lot of people complain kids aren't outside with friends as much as they were in the past, for example, but as a parent I know that a lot of this is due to not only lack of other kids around to play with, but conflicting schedules. Lots of kids have activities, classes, tutoring and even jobs that make it difficult for them to all be outside at once. And even if they were, you know the complainers would just complain about that!

As an 80s kid, there are so many things I would've loved about today. From being able to homeschool more easily to being able to access any music you want at any time, or any book you'd like from home, is incredible! Yeah, there are some things about the 80s I wish today's kids could enjoy (like more freedom to just play and be kids) but there are some cool things about today, too.

What do you remember most about growing up in the 80s?

Celebrating Stranger Things

How are you enjoying it?

Who else is in Stranger Things withdrawal this year? I know I am! Between TV shows and movies coming out featuring the cast, the Emmys (and multiple nominations!) and the Stranger Things comic coming up for Halloween, there are still lots of ways to celebrate the show... not to mention binging it again, which is always fun for Halloween!

But sometimes you need to do something a little... extra. Demogorgon in a jar? Check! I totally recommend the Nerdy Crafter for a tutorial. 80s themed at home party? Check! It helps when you already have a soundtrack ready!

How are you celebrating the show lately? Share your fun activities in the chat!

Cool 80s Costumes

What are you planning on wearing?

When it comes to 80s costumes, the sky really is the limit. You can take all kinds of routes when it comes to this idea. Scary, funny, famous, low-key... whatever your flavor, there's an 80s costume for that.

Stranger Things is probably the easiest ready-made costume to find right now, but you can make anything at home, from a Madonna look to Leatherface or Mike Myers. How about Patrick Bateman?

What is your favorite 80s costume? Share it in the chat.

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What to Read if You Love Stranger Things

Especially if you're feeling the withdrawal!

Oh, Stranger Things. By the time we are in a place where even filming season four is safe, the kids will all be college age. It could be fun. I'm hoping Will has a fantastic boyfriend by then, myself. But what to do if you need more and you've already binged through the first three seasons over and over again?

This list of books is a great place to start! It has recommendations for adults as well as kids, and it has everything from supernatural coming of age to horror stories. Keep in mind that new Stranger Things comics are also coming soon!

What are you reading or watching right now with an 80s or Stranger Things vibe? Share your recs in the chat!

80s Zoom Parties!

Why not?

It may be a while before we're really able to get together in person again, especially with so many states having little to no leadership when it comes to this virus. Why not make the best of it and try to do some of our favorite things virtually?

Virtual theme parties are one way to go, and we all know that the decor and clothing are top priority when it comes to those! A totally rad 80s theme party could be just the thing to get your mind off things and really chill with friends. Don't forget the totally awesome 80s mixtape!

Have you done any fun virtual activities lately? Share them in the chat.