Nostalgic Horror Comes to 2019 Screens

If you love Stephen King, 1980s and 90s kids horror and remakes, you're going to love media this year. Not only do we get another season of Stranger Things, which is as nostalgic as it gets, this summer, but we'll also be getting updates of Stephen King's It (the continuation from the first remade film) and Pet Cemetary. King has another film coming out next year in the adaptation of his novel Doctor Sleep, the sequel to the popular novel The Shining, along with other projects in the works.

Power Rangers, Transformers and She-Ra

I have to laugh every time I hear someone (usually a white, midde-aged man) complaining about some piece of media ruining his childhood because someone is daring to reboot it. The new Ghostbusters film, which featured four women as the Ghostbusters, seems to have been the biggest movie with this complaint, and Star Wars is probably close behind with all of its gasp! women and gasp! people of color in the cast.

80s Nostalgia Should Come with a Disclaimer

80s movies are some of our favorite films of all time. We could definitey watch The Goonies, Gremlins and Neverending Story on repeat for basically forever. But there were some pretty problematic films that just didn't stand the test of time. Some of them could use with some progressive updates while others might be better off forgotten. Revenge of the Nerds, for example, is filled with misogyny and even rape. Having sex with someone you think is someone else is rape.

Beloved 80s Icons

When it comes to the 1980s, many of us think of music and fashion as the period's prime calling cards, but there were so many 80s heartthrobs, singers and actors who stole our hearts as well. The 1980s saw just as much, if not more, fandoms rise as the previous three decades of changing music and the film industry, and even those of us who weren't old enough to remember probably have our own 80s favorites.

Ready Player One

From its rich 80s nostalgia to its dystopian setting to the fact that Wil Wheaton narrated the audiobook (sigh... my first crush), Ready Player One tempts me to read it. I've heard mixed reviews, from "It's the perfect geekdom escape!" to "It's a total white male fantasy," and I definitely still want to read it to see for myself, but now the movie itself is out and coaxing viewers in with its Easter eggs and nods to all of the things we love.

The 80s Culture of It

When you watched It, did you wonder if Finn Wolfhard ever gets confused about which decade he lives in? All of this time in the 1980s must be jarring in 2018! If you were a fan of the original It book and TV movie, you know that the kids lived in 1960 rather than 1989, which gave us a very different picture of the kids' lives. I enjoyed the different take that we got to see but I thought that Stranger Things was more effective at conveying that entire 80s culture.


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