Nostalgic Horror Comes to 2019 Screens

If you love Stephen King, 1980s and 90s kids horror and remakes, you're going to love media this year. Not only do we get another season of Stranger Things, which is as nostalgic as it gets, this summer, but we'll also be getting updates of Stephen King's It (the continuation from the first remade film) and Pet Cemetary. King has another film coming out next year in the adaptation of his novel Doctor Sleep, the sequel to the popular novel The Shining, along with other projects in the works.

The 80s Culture of It

When you watched It, did you wonder if Finn Wolfhard ever gets confused about which decade he lives in? All of this time in the 1980s must be jarring in 2018! If you were a fan of the original It book and TV movie, you know that the kids lived in 1960 rather than 1989, which gave us a very different picture of the kids' lives. I enjoyed the different take that we got to see but I thought that Stranger Things was more effective at conveying that entire 80s culture.

80s Retro Showcase

If you love watching 80s movies but you regret never being able to see them on the big screen, you're in luck! Marcus Theaters are featuring an 80s movie Showcase special John Hughes tribute on Sundays, Mondays and Wednesdays throughout the month of January. For an admission of $5 you can watch Sixteen Candles or The Breakfast Club like they were meant to be seen! The former will be featured January 21, 22 and 24 and you can watch the latter on January 28, 29 or 31. 

Where is Your 80s Crush Now?

Last week, we talked about our crushes from the 1980s. Remember when Drew Barrymore told Jimmy Fallon that if she followed her crush, she'd be married to Scott Baio by now in the film Fever Pitch? Some of us cringe over the crushes we harbored years ago (I am sheepish about my Tom Cruise crush) while others still relish in them. I have a friend who follows the New Kids on the Block when they're playing nearby! 

What 80s Movies Do You Want to See Rebooted?

Speaking of The Goonies... hmm. How many would call it sacriligious if a girls' Goonies film came out? Girls or none (both would be fun, I say), you know when Chunk says he'll never go on more of Mikey's "crazy Goonie adventures" again (and immediately does just that)? I really want to see those other crazy adventures! It's too bad they can't CGI the boys back to being tweens... 

80s Movies That Deserve a Remake

For many movie lovers, remakes are getting pretty stale. "When is Hollywood going to come up with an actual original movie?" they wonder, while others claim that originality just isn't even possible anymore. Purists still say that it's lazy movie-making to regurgitate the same stories on a modern scale, even if there are better opportunities through special effects. Some classics are wonderful because they lack the effects, after all.

New Alien Movie Coming to Theaters

80s kids, rejoice: Alien is back and it looks pretty awesome. Alien: Covenant is hitting theaters on May 19 and the buzz around the movie looks pretty promising. Not only does the film star Katherine Waterston and Michael Fassbender, but it also seems relevant to our world today. Stephen Hawking says that humans have about 100 years left on Earth before it's unfit for us to live on anymore, and the film deals with couples who opted to travel to a new planet and help colonize it for human survival.

Grease 2: Not as good as it used to be

Did Grease 2 actually get worse or did I just get more mature?

Yesterday, I went to a little happy hour shin dig where one of the woman was dating herself to the younger ladies present by telling us that her parents wouldn’t let her watch “Grease” because of the graphic nature of the original film. The movie isn’t actually all that graphic; sex is mentioned and people kiss, but that’s about it. 

I was actually more of a fan of the second “Grease,” “Grease 2.”

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