Blast From the New Year's Past

Boy do I miss Dick Clark's countdown. I used to always watch that with my family on New Year's Eve and now it's just not the same. It's probably just nostalgia but I never really like the music, so we just stopped watching it. It was one of my favorite 80s and 90s traditions. Of course, one of the cool things about NOT living in 1987 is that we can watch a bit of it go down again on Youtube.

80s Thanksgiving

Everyone seems nostalgic for the days when our president didn't embarrass us over rakes, geography, using words and so forth, our kids played outside more often and Dungeons and Dragons was all the rage. We all know that the 80s were far from perfect but there's definitely a few things to miss, especially if you remember them. If you want a more 80s Thanksgiving, try:

Teasing your hair up, wearing enormous puffy sleeves or leg warmers to dinner and pronouncing the turkey "rad."

80s Moms vs. Today's Halloween Moms

A funny video regarding moms in the 1980s versus moms today in regards to Halloween has been circulating the Internet. While some moms are saying that it's spookily accurate, others say that they think it's the opposite. The video, for example, argues that today's moms begin planning Halloween in August, crafting elaborate costumes when 1980s moms threw a sheet over their kids' heads for a quick last minute costume. The thing is, I know moms who do both now, and I knew moms who did both back in the 1980s.

80s Halloween Costumes

Halloween is just a few weeks away, and before it gets here you're likely to have a bunch of other fun Halloween-related activities where you'll need a costume, if you're anything like my family! If that's the case, you're going to need some easy DIY costumes to have on hand for these pop-up events and one of my favorites is the 80s costume.

More Gifts for Your 80s Lover

Still looking for that perfect gift for your loved one who is stuck in the 80s? (And that might even mean a tween, given that many of them want to live in the world of Stranger Things!) Here are some more great ideas for your favorite 80s fan.

Fun geometric earrings

Madonna gloves

Molly Ringwald DVDs

80s karaoke mixes (and a machine if they don't have one!)

Retro candy

rubber jelly bracelets

Awesomely 80s Halloween Costumes

Halloween is just around the corner! It's time to get your rad 80s clothes out to play. What do you have hiding in your closet? Whether it's leg warmers, Hammer pants, stirrup leggings or just wildly loud 80s colors, get them out to play!

Need to find some great 80s cosplay items for Halloween? Your local Halloween store or costume shop should be able to help, but you can always find something cheaper (and maybe even better) at the thrift shop! Take a page out of Macklemore's book and find something for a few bucks and make it into a great costume.

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