Rest Easy, Marie Fredriksson

As a 90s tween, my friends and I would drag my boom box out to the front porch to dance. It was often to oldies songs, but we also loved rock and pop--especially Roxette. We had our own dance to "Dangerous," as well as "She's Got the Look." My favorite of all time, however, wasn't the popular "It Must've Been Love," which many people have applied to their own lives at some point, but "Fading Like a Flower," which I still consider one of the most gorgeous songs ever written.

Teen Drinking Peaked in the 1980s

Many people recall the 1980s as a time of nostalgia and indulgence, when Saturday morning cartoons reigned supreme and there weren't "boy aisles" and "girl aisles" for toys. Although the 80s had their moments we remain wistful for today, they were far from perfect. From the Cold War to Reaganomics, yuppie culture and everything Christian Bale hated in American Psycho, there was plenty to dislike, including teen drinking.

80s Hollywood Names Associated with Sex Crimes

80s lovers everywhere are just dumbfounded as news of more and more sexual misconduct cases are reported by victims who finally feel safe enough to do so. While some are standing by the actors, directors and people in power being accused, demanding that they be innocent until proven guilty, many more are finally listening to the victims as they share their stories. 

Sad day in Chardon, Ohio

Tragedy in my hometown

I’m sitting here in my living room nearly numb.  I look at my daughter and have an un-imaginable feeling of thankfulness, although very sad that some parents about 30 miles north of me don’t have that luxury tonight.  Why am I sharing this in an ‘80’s blog?  I graduated from Chardon High School in Ohio in 1989.  To me, Chardon High School was a huge portion of the 1980’s. 

1980's Movies: Top Gun

There might be a Top Gun 2 with Tom Cruise.

I was in high school when Top Gun first came out; one classmate in English class asked the rest of us if we had difficulty understanding the plot line of the movie. None of us had had any trouble understanding the incredibly complicated plot, so we all laughed a little.

I cried during the original Top Gun when Goose died and dreamed of having Tom Cruise and cast singing “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling” to me in a bar. (Of course, that was before Tom Cruise became a Scientologist.) The idea of a Top Gun sequel appeals to me on so many levels, so I was exceptionally to learn today that Tom Cruise is in talks to make Top Gun 2.


If Top Gun 2 is made, Tom Cruise will star in the film and the original director, Tony Scott will direct Part 2. None of the details have been worked out yet. There is talk that Tom Cruise would play the part of some sort of flight instructor. Of course, at this stage in the planning process, that is only talk. Tom Cruise still looks young enough that he could play a new recruit.
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