Throwing a Totally Rad 80s House Party

Valentine’s Day is over, St. Patrick’s is coming up and you know what that means… the “official” holiday season is over! That means it’s time for some non-holiday related theme parties, and an 80s house party is one of the best themes. Not only is the playlist already set (use any 80s theme on Spotify or Pandora), but you probably already have the right outfit at home as well. Tease your hair or put on some sunglasses at night and poof, you’re set.

Knight Rider

It seemed pretty far fetched at the time.

I decided to watch some old ‘80s TV episodes on Netflix today.  One particular TV show that caught my eye was Knight Rider.  I remember making it a point to watch these shows when I was a kid.  Back then I thought that Knight Rider was one of the top shows on the television.


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