Nostalgic Horror Comes to 2019 Screens

If you love Stephen King, 1980s and 90s kids horror and remakes, you're going to love media this year. Not only do we get another season of Stranger Things, which is as nostalgic as it gets, this summer, but we'll also be getting updates of Stephen King's It (the continuation from the first remade film) and Pet Cemetary. King has another film coming out next year in the adaptation of his novel Doctor Sleep, the sequel to the popular novel The Shining, along with other projects in the works.

80s Dance Series Coming to Fox

Fox is jumping on the 80s train with a new program that is sure to get fans of the 1980s excited. Called "Pose," the series will be a dance musical set in the 1980s in New York. Could the title be a reference to Madonna? We'll have to wait and see! The scripted show will have lots of LGBTQ characters, which sounds a lot like Fox trying to keep up with the times to me, but I'm looking forward to the show. 

New Stranger Things Spoilers!

Have you heard that season two of Stranger Things will consist of nine episodes instead of eight (as the previous season had)? That's pretty exciting news, but wait, there's more! While the second season will definitely take some new directions, we can still expect the chapter per episode format that fans appreciated from season one. The Stephen King effect really adds to the mood of the show.

Saved by the Bell Cafe is Coming

Have you heard the news? A Saved by the Bell restaurant is headed to L.A. Dubbed Saved by the Max, it is complete with arcade games, decor and the classic booths that you associate with the show that debuted in 1989 and made up the majority of your 90s childhood alongside Full House. Yes, you can even order a Bayside Burger, but you have to find out when the pop-up restaurant is opening first!


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