Castle Rock Blasts Us Back To The 80s

No, the second season of Castle Rock doesn't take place in the 80s like Stranger Things. In fact, it's pretty modern, complete with cell phones prominently featured in several scenes. But the 80s vibe we got from the small town from Stephen King's imagination is definitely there, but with a twist: Somali immigrants have found a haven in the cursed town. 

AHS: 1984

American Horror Story: 1984 is only hours away and plenty of 80s fans nostalgic for even more horror after Stranger Things are ready for it! Are you one of them? Everything you need to know about this season of AHS can be found here, including who's coming back (and who's sadly not, including Evan Peters!), the various interviews and spoilers released and even clips from the season.

80s Revival in Pop Culture

Everything from 80s art to music to even clothing is making a retro comeback and those of us who are 80s fans can't get enough. My family even made 80s-themed bookmarks in a library class tonight that featured a retro theme that included how to fold paper notes. Granted, we did that in the 90s too, but it was still pretty nostalgic. My favorite 80s nod is Stranger Things, of course, and I can't get enough of that show or its many memes, merch and fandom nods, but what other 80s pop culture revivals do you love?

AHS Takes a Trip to the 80s

Season 10 of American Horror Story is visiting 80s slasher territory in AHS: 1984. So many different TV shows and movies are traveling back to the 80s for their plots and it's very exciting to see how some of them are depicted, particularly when they give us those nostalgic nods we're always looking for. Stranger Things has done it best, but we're also excited to see what Wonder Woman has to bring.

Stranger Things Left Me With All the Feels

Spoilers ahead! 

Is anyone else still reeling with feels after binging season three of Stranger Things, which is pretty much what we did for the Fourth of July this year? Holy. Cow. I can't even. First of all, the series was more Totally Eighties! than ever, which I loved. I loved Max and Eleven becoming friends, the gruesome gore of the season, Hopper trying to deal with parenthood and his and Joyce's relationship. There are some things I didn't love, of course, but I felt like it was a really good season. 

New Stranger Things Trailer

If you haven't caught the latest trailer for season 3 of Stranger Things, do yourself a favor and check it out. It is practically scandalous! Billy, Max's mean stepbrother who is understandably that way with a father like the one he's got, seems to have turned into the town heartthrob, with all of the Hawkins moms lusting after him. Hopefully he's graduated high school at this point, or at least 18 already, because Mike's mom, Mrs.

Favorite 80s Cartoon Villains

I've always been a list addict and I absolutely love this list of favorite 80s cartoon villains being passed around the web right now! I didn't even remember Dr. Claw until seeing him featured in this list, and who could ever forget Cobra Commander? I'd have to add the evil Hordak from She-Ra; he might not have been as fearsome as Skeletor but he's definitely creepier than some of the villains on this list!


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