Stranger Things: Predictions and Hopes for Season 2

With the release of the season 2 trailer of Stranger Things and the excruciatingly slow release of details from the show, rumors and fan theories are flowing rapidly across the Internet as fans attempt to guess what’s going to happen next with Will, Mike, Lucas, Dustin and Eleven. So far it’s been revealed that Sean Astin’s character will be a Radio Shack employee, which brings back plenty of nostalgia already between Astin’s Goonies cred and the memories so many 80s kids have growing up with Radio Shack and procuring their electronic fixes there. There’s also plenty of speculation about the monsters we’re bound to see: will there be more demogorgans, or will the thesselhydra be the main attraction? It may be something else entirely.

What are your favorite theories regarding the next season of the show? Tell us in the chat below.


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