Grease 2: Not as good as it used to be

Grease 2: Not as good as it used to be

Did Grease 2 actually get worse or did I just get more mature?

Yesterday, I went to a little happy hour shin dig where one of the woman was dating herself to the younger ladies present by telling us that her parents wouldn’t let her watch “Grease” because of the graphic nature of the original film. The movie isn’t actually all that graphic; sex is mentioned and people kiss, but that’s about it. 

I was actually more of a fan of the second “Grease,” “Grease 2.”

My mom LOVES to make fun of me for liking “Grease 2,” which came out in the 1980s. Her favorite line is that everyone else--meaning all her friends’ kids--loved “Grease,” but that her three kids were somehow weird because we all liked “Grease 2” better than “Grease.” 


(For the record, none of us are weird.)


In “Grease 2,” the love story is reversed. The girl, played by Michelle Pfeiffer, is a Pink Girl; Sandy’s Australian cousin, played by Michael Carrington, is the one who has to learn how to be cool. In the movie, learning how to be cool involves riding a motorcycle, but little else. 


In retrospect, “Grease 2” is a much stupider movie than the original and the motorcycle aspect actually doesn’t add as much to the movie as you might guess. That said, here are the reasons why my brothers and I were huge “Grease 2” fans and why my brothers probably still are. 


  1. Grease 2” came out when cable did on our street. We watched it 27 times a day in the summer. 
  2. Our neighbor Chuck, who was not Chuck Norris, had a motorcycle. My brothers were impressed with the wheelies in the movie. I was not. 
  3. The songs in “Grease 2” were much better than in the original “Grease.” Come on, “Let’s bowl, let’s bowl. Let’s rock and roll” is great. It is infinitely better than “Stranded at the Drive-in,” which was sung by John Travolta in the original immediately before he converted to Scientology. 
  4. The “Reproduction” song was also great.


That’s about it. There aren’t really any more reasons to explain why we loved “Grease 2.” In defense of our mom, she stopped letting my brothers and I watch that much cable television once she realized we were watching 27 hours of television a day:


  1. She might not have been as impressed with Chuck’s motorcycle as my little brothers were. 
  2. It probably was embarrassing to explain why we liked the movie “Grease.”