1980 vs. 2020

What do you notice most?

Born in the early 80s, I couldn't remember 1980 itself if I wanted to, but I do remember how different my childhood was from the childhoods of today's youth. In many ways, today's youth have it much better; I don't think leaving your young kids parked in a car for a long time is great for them, especially when it's near the woods or outside a bar and they're terrified about what could happen and wonder where you've gone.

That said, I know today's youth are also missing a lot, particularly in regards to freedom. They don't explore enough or take as many risks, or so it seems to me, which they need to grow. It's not even their fault; with so many conflicting schedules, much more homework, technology and not having other kids outside all the time, it can be difficult to have adventures in person.

I'd never argue that one or the other has it better, although I'd argue that we had it better in terms of prospects considering the dangers we face in today's political climate, the threat of climate change and so forth. But I am curious to see what you think are the biggest differences? Post them in the chat below.

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