1980s Cola Wars

Did you even know this was a thing?

It makes sense that companies like Pepsi and Coke would have wars between them for drink dominance, but anyone who wasn't a teen or older in the 80s might not know that the two companies had an epic battle during that decade to establish who was the better drink. Between the Pepsi Challenge, various marketing and naming campaigns and diet drink offerings, the two were neck and neck as America's top drink choice. There were even campaigns from fans to change the drinks back to their original recipes!

It's true that Pepsi is more syrupy than Coke, which many Americans prefer, but that's also why many other Americans (myself included) prefer Coke. What's funny is that customers seemed to prefer drinks that they claimed they didnt like in blind taste tests rather than the ones they regularly purchased!

Do you prefer Pepsi or Coke? What is your drink of choice?

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