80s Blind Bags

The perfect surprise for your 80s fan--or yourself!

Last weekend, my husband came home from shopping with some adorable blind bags for my teen and me to open. They were Gremlins blind bags, which are small bags of toys that are sealed so you don't know what's inside until you open them. We got a gremlin and a mogwai keychain, and both are adorable.

There are so many 80s blind bag toys like these, from Care Bears to Super Mario Brothers bath bombs, that you could really make an entire Easter basket filled with JUST 80s blind bags. It would be the ultimate surprise for your 80s lover--or yourself! You can always give away any duplicates that you get and it makes gift-giving so easy. You can find them at gaming shops, Hot Topic and other stores that sell geeky merchandise. 

Do you have any other great 80s ideas for Easter baskets? Let us know what you're planning in the chat!

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