80s Candy Box

The perfect gift of nostalgia

Do you have a friend or family member who's stuck in the 80s? Heck, as a Milennial, I'm often nostalgic for the days when I could watch Ninja Turtles in my pajamas, too. I suppose I still could! If you do have this loved one, or you want to treat yourself to a fun nostalgic gift, check out this set of vintage 80s candy.

Some of the items are pretty much the same as they are today; I had some Sour Patch Kids just like the ones in the picture on Halloween. But there are some definite nods to the 80s here, too, especially those Wacky Wafers. And as a kid I remember my dad chewing that Big League gum all of the time in the car (my mom would chew Juicy Fruit or Zebra Stripes, the gum that held flavor for all of four seconds). It's a really fun gift idea, even if you are the recipient!

Do you know of any other great 80s lovers gifts? Share them in the chat!

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