The 80s Culture of It

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When you watched It, did you wonder if Finn Wolfhard ever gets confused about which decade he lives in? All of this time in the 1980s must be jarring in 2018! If you were a fan of the original It book and TV movie, you know that the kids lived in 1960 rather than 1989, which gave us a very different picture of the kids' lives. I enjoyed the different take that we got to see but I thought that Stranger Things was more effective at conveying that entire 80s culture.

Compared with the first film and book, the movie was both truer as well as wildly different. A slingshot, for example, was traded for a pipe and Bev's kidnapping felt a little stupid. (Was anyone else hoping to see a full scary circus down in the sewer?) Some of the bullies' malice was even muted from the book but much of the movie was more itense than the original film, matching the book better on that level.

What did you think of the various 80s effects, costumes and culture of the film? Did you feel like you were in 1989? Share your thoughts in the chat.


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