80s Excess

It still continues today

The claim that millennials ruin everything is so irritating not only because anyone young is often considered a millennial (some of us are in our mid-30s, thanks, and the yongest of us are 22), but because we 80s kids are being blamed for industries tanking when it's really not our fault. (That's not to say nothing is our fault; plenty of other things are!) The 80s showed us a time of excess, where people bought, bought, bought and wasted, wasted, wasted despite Captain Planet's warnings. The laws passed then are hurting us so badly now that our environment is in the toilet, our economy is bust, the middle class is disappearing and most of us are living paycheck to paycheck. Thanks, Reaganomics!

The commercialism of the 80s continues to thrive despite millennials being blamed for not eating out or buying as much and turning to libraries for "free" resources instead. This Turkish artist depicts what the world is like on his Instagram, comparing the white picket fence life we think we want or that we try to live with the reality of life for people around the world and it's very stirring. Some photos are graphic and violent. All of them make us reconsider what it's like to be living in 2018, where having a washing machine makes you one of the richest people alive.

What other insights about living in this time have you come across as a millennial?

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