80s First Five Notes

It's easy, fun and free!

Whether you're stuck at home in subzero weather like me or just needing a fun, quick game to kill some time, I can't recommend playing First Five Notes with your favorite 80s playlist. It's such a fun and fast game that only requires access to a music playlist, whether it's on YouTube, your Spotify subscription, Pandora, etc. You could also just call the game "Name That Tune," since that's essentially what you are doing, but my local radio station does this every weekday for various ticket contests so that's what we call it.

All you have to do is start playing (I recommend using the shuffle feature) and guess what the song is within the first five notes. It can be hard to remember to pause/stop, especially if you're trying to go fast and quickly skip to the next song once you name the first one, so if you need 10 notes or however many, that's okay, too. You can name either the name of the singer/band or the song itself to get the point. 

For even more fun, do a themed list like 80s metal, 80s power ballads, whatever you like. It's a fun game for parties as well, although I find it works best with a small group of people.

Do you play any 80s music games? If so, which ones?

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