80s Halloween Costumes

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Halloween is just a few weeks away, and before it gets here you're likely to have a bunch of other fun Halloween-related activities where you'll need a costume, if you're anything like my family! If that's the case, you're going to need some easy DIY costumes to have on hand for these pop-up events and one of my favorites is the 80s costume.

Plenty of hairspray, a jean jacket, some leggings and leg warmers will have you set, but what if you want to be a specific character? April O'Neal is a great idea if you have a yellow jumpsuit, and Vanilla Ice is easy enough to replicate. How about the cast of Stranger Things? A bandana will round off your Lucas costume while a trucker cap can help you look like Dustin. The show is so popular that many costume shops even carry pink Eleven dresses and wigs. One year I did carry around some Christmas lights to be Joyce while my partner sported a Hopper hat!

Are you making any 80s costumes this year? Share your ideas and photos in the chat!

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