80s Moms vs. Today's Halloween Moms

Which is more accurate?

A funny video regarding moms in the 1980s versus moms today in regards to Halloween has been circulating the Internet. While some moms are saying that it's spookily accurate, others say that they think it's the opposite. The video, for example, argues that today's moms begin planning Halloween in August, crafting elaborate costumes when 1980s moms threw a sheet over their kids' heads for a quick last minute costume. The thing is, I know moms who do both now, and I knew moms who did both back in the 1980s. In fact, my mom made my costumes when I was a kid; she was thrifty and great at sewing, and not only did she save money but she made us really cool costumes.

My best friend makes her kids' costumes today. She's got her own sewing business and really rocks it while I, on the other hand, just take my kid thrift shopping to create her own costume, and have for several years now. My daughter often sews together her own costumes; this year she designed a rapier from whittled wood and some wire for her costume.

There are other similarities and differences. Watch the video and tell us how accurate you think it is!

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