80s Pants

Which style was your favorite?

Last week we discussed 1980s fashion in general, so I thought it would be fun to remember our favorite (and least favorite!) styles of pants from the decade.

When it comes to Hammer pants, I really think of the 90s more than the 80s. MC Hammer seems to have hit his stride then and he was the one who really made them famous. I had a pair of gold ones just like the ones he had in his "U Can't Touch This" video (because I HAD to have them) and remember them fondly, even if I wouldn't wear them today. (Maybe a different color!)

Did you wear jammers? I only knew them as biker shorts or bike shorts, and as much as I loved wearing them, they eventually became banned at school and you could only wear them over leggings or not at all. I still wore them at home, although I did get in trouble for wearing them to church once!

Acid-washed jeans were pretty cute, and some people still wear them to this day. 

Did you wear any of these 80s fashions? 


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