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Over the weekend, my family and I attended a mini con of sorts with a Stranger Things theme. My husband was Hopper, my teen was Steve Harrington and I was dead Barb, complete with a piece of rubber tackle attached with liquid latext to serve as a slug! It was fun, aside from the crowds, and all of the cool 80s decorations, food and themes had me craving an 80s theme party. A dance troupe who interpreted the show with three numbers, including "Material Girl," really got a lot of us in the 80s mood. 

My house is already all set for Halloween (it pretty much looks like Halloween barfed in my house) so maybe next month would be a good time for one. Lots of side ponytails and 80s costumes are in our future! But what about the menu? Maybe some French onion dip and frozen foods? ha! This list looks interesting, but I would have to modify for finger foods.

Have you ever hosted an 80s theme party? What did you use for the menu or decorations? Share your tips in the chat.

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