80s Toys Worth Money

Do you have any of these at home?

Remember back when we all saved our Beanie Babies, believing that they would someday make us rich out of our minds? If only. There are a few toys from the 1980s that are worth quite a bit of money, but they may not be exactly what you expected. 

Do you have any huggable Cabbage Patch Kid dolls at home? If they're still in the box in good condition, you can sell them for $120 on eBay. That's not the fortune many of us would like but it's not a bad price if it's just collecting dust in the attic. The original Teddy Ruxpin is worth even more at $250. If you're like me, you played with your toys to the point of wear and tear, so they're not worth anything in terms of money and only memories. 

Vintage Little People Houses, if in mint condition, can be sold for a pretty penny on eBay, some making around $200 or more. For more 80s toy hot sellers on eBay, click here.

Have you made a lot of money off any 80s toys from your youth? If so, what did you sell?

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