Are you a Xennial?

A new 80s generation has been announced

Were you born between 1977 and 1982? If so, you are part of a microgeneration that is now known as the Xennial generation. This generation is part Gen X and part Millennial, part pessimist and part optimist. These people are the last of their kind who spent their childhoods outside without updating their social networks with their life statuses, but they entered into the technological world in their late teens and 20s and are still savvy about it. They're the last people who had the nightly news playing in their homes and had landline phones to contact their friends as kids. 

Does this generation sound anything like you and your childhood? It's such a tiny period, less than a decade, that it's hard to imagine at first, but the information does make sense--and since technology is advancing at such a rapid rate, perhaps the generation moniker fits. 

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