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When it comes to the 1980s, many of us think of music and fashion as the period's prime calling cards, but there were so many 80s heartthrobs, singers and actors who stole our hearts as well. The 1980s saw just as much, if not more, fandoms rise as the previous three decades of changing music and the film industry, and even those of us who weren't old enough to remember probably have our own 80s favorites.

Some 80s icons, like Bill Cosby, definitely haven't stood the test of time, but plenty of people, from Cher to Madonna, remain very popular. Many 80s celebrities were taken well before their time, like one of my personal favorites, River Phoenix. Some continue to make media to this day, like Sean Astin and Josh Brolin, whose fresh-faced Goonies characters remain favorites to this day.

Who are your favorite 80s icons? Who do you miss the most or still admire, and who do you wish you'd NEVER admired in the first place?

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