Best 80s Arcade Games

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When it comes to 1980s arcade games, Arkanoid was the best--according to some people. Donkey Kong will always top the chart at #1 for plenty of gamers, while others may change their mind depending on what they're playing. Even people who never played 80s arcade games can give them a whirl online today and vote on their favorites. 

Playing online is nothing like playing at an arcade, though. Luckily many arcades with these older games still exisit! Look up classic game arcades in your area to find out if there are any you can visit. Many malls have them, and some of them allow you to pay one price for a full day of gaming rather than spend a bunch of quarters. Sure, using a quarter for your space in line is classic, but all those pocket quarters also get heavy after a while.

Which game is your favorite from the 1980s? Post about it in the chat below.

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