Best 80s Halloween Songs

Whether your party is totally 80s or not!

Most of the best Halloween songs come from the 80s. There are a lot of great modern ones, too, especially Marilyn Manson's rendition of "This is Halloween," which is my favorite Halloween song, ever, but couldn't you argue that any of his songs could be played for Halloween? The same goes for much of the American Horror Story soundtrack, by the way--if you're looking for a LONG list of songs to fit your fall mood, that's a good one!

But there are so many great Halloween songs from the 80s to choose from that they can't be overlooked. From "Devil Inside" to "Freaks Come Out at Night," "Ghost Town" to "Twilight Zone," there are so many great creepy hits! Check out this little compilation if you're interested.

What's your favorite Halloween song from the 80s, or of all time? Tell us in the chat!

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