Best Nostalgic Photos From the 1980s

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When it comes to photos of the 1980s, many of us cringe over the outrageous hairstyles, fashions and colors. There's really nothing to be ashamed of if you styled it high with Aquanet or wore a jacket so bright it glowed (like I did); it was considered fashionable at the time. In the 2020s we'll look back at this time and cringe over some choices made as well. I'm already questioning the "on fleek" thing.

This set of photos is supposed to prove the 80s were tops but it's mostly just pictures of 80s bands, which is cool, but I love looking at the general population when it comes to period fashion, don't you? Here's a fun slideshow of a few styles you may not recall, from shoulder pads to fur to giant blazers. And while most of these aren't everyday people (many are celebrities or models), it gives a much clearer picture of what was in style in the 1980s.

Of course, the most revealing photos are the ones we all have at home in our closets or in storage bins. You remember, back when we couldn't take fifty photos to get the right one so every picture has a blur or closed eyes or other imperfections that somehow made them more meaningful. Do you dare to share those photos in the chat? We'd love to see your 80s style!

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