Castle Rock Blasts Us Back To The 80s

But only in our memories!

No, the second season of Castle Rock doesn't take place in the 80s like Stranger Things. In fact, it's pretty modern, complete with cell phones prominently featured in several scenes. But the 80s vibe we got from the small town from Stephen King's imagination is definitely there, but with a twist: Somali immigrants have found a haven in the cursed town. 

Blasts from the past range from Annie Wilkes of Misery to Ace and Pop Merrill. Ace definitey has some interesting things happent to him, for those who are curious but not caught up on the show, and the jury is still out on just who Annie is and what happened to her. There are plenty of allusions to her Misery self but then we get a twist to negate it all. My prediction? (It contains spoilers!) We'll see something like The Dark Half or Secret Window before the show's up. The obvious answer is that Annie was abused and had a child... but what if she simply stole her from a hospital and the typing and man are in her mind?

What do you think of this season so far? Share your thoughts in the chat!

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