Childhood Defining Toys

Would you agree?

SF Gate just published this list of 30 toys that defined the 1980s and boy does it bring back memories! I had to share it because I know that many of you will wax nostalgic once you take a look at the contents, too. I didn't have a GameBoy like my friends did, but I sure did have a bunch of Care Bears and Strawberry Shortcake figures! My mom picked them up at yard sales for me all the time. Fun fact: the ones pictured in the article aren't the originals--or at least, some of them aren't. The original Share Bear had an ice cream sundae, not lollipops. 

I also didn't have a Roller Racer, but I sure did have a Lite Brite! I also had a Skip-It--did anyone have one of those? How about Garbage Pail Kids?

What 80s toys are the most 80s to you? Share them in the chat.


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