Did You Grow Up In The 80s?

These pics will prove it

80s fans, something exciting is happening in my life. My teen is writing a comic series based in the 1980s! It's filled with mythology and culture, and my kid's doing a bunch of 80s research to make it as authentic as possible. Blame it on Back to the Future, Stranger Things and--oh yeah, the parents!--but this kid loves the 80s.

So I decided to look up a bunch of those photos only 80s kids would understand and explain them as part of the research. Boy were they eye-opening for my kid! Some of them were completely alien, even, which made me think: I probably haven't even grazed this iceberg.

That's why I thought it would be great to share more photos or links to thinks we only know about as 80s kids. What do you think? Share yours in the chat!

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