Do You Support A Princess Bride Reboot?

The Internet says no!

One of the easiest ways to stir up controversy today is to discuss whether or not you support a reboot of any movie or TV show in history. It's really easy to make people big mad this way, which really makes no sense since a lot of what they like is just a reboot or retelling of something else and they don't even know it. 

Right now, there are talks of rebooting everything from Saved by the Bell to Punky Brewster, and I'm cool with all of it. These are all parts of my childhood and I really don't mind what happens to them. Then there's a reboot idea that has everyone raging, which is the idea of rebooting The Princess Bride, a beloved film for many people. I don't know if I'd watch a reboot of it or not, but to see everyone go off on it you'd think they suggested not acting in the face of global warming or something. Oh...

The reactions are at least entertaining, and the one good idea that I heard was a suggestion to make a Muppets Princess Bride, which would be fabulous! Would you support a reboot of this 80s movie? Share your thoughts in the chat.

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