Draw 80s X-Men

Let's have some fun!

Who loves to draw 80s characters? It's got to be one of my top 10 favorite hobbies, and artist Todd Nauck has a cool video showing you just how to draw the X-Men characters of the 1980s! It's part of a Marvel Quickdraw series created to help us learn to draw like the pros and enjoy our favorite hobby. I love this one because it's not the X-Men of today but the 80s styles, which are quite different for many characters.

There are lots of other great Quickdraw episodes, too, from Squirrel Girl to Spider-Man. You can learn to draw Wasp, Ghost-Spider, Ms. Marvel, Captain Marvel and more! I'm so excited to find this series not only for myself, but for my teen, who wants to be a comic book artist. They already write and draw comics every week, and this summer we're working to make sure they get lots of input, exposure to new artists and even a couple of comic classes between the library and a local professional.

What other ways do you like enjoying 80s art and culture? Share them in the chat! 

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