E.T. Xfinity Ad

What did you think?

Xennials are going gaga over the latest Xfinity ad, but I'm not so sure I like the whole modern take on E.T. For starters, it's definitely banking on our nostalgia, which isn't bad in and of itself: I love 80s culture used in modern media. What I don't love is how they reused every element from the original to make this ad without any real movement or meaning included in it. 

I also think merging the old feels with new tech is a mistake. E.T. surely wouldn't be impressed; wouldn't his own kind already have made strikes in tech that far surpass our VR entertainment? Why did he arrive--to visit? If so, why not introduce Elliot to his family instead this time? I'm not a fan, even though it was still fun to watch.

What did you think of the 80s-themed ad?

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