Favorite 80s Cartoon Villains

Which are your favorites?

I've always been a list addict and I absolutely love this list of favorite 80s cartoon villains being passed around the web right now! I didn't even remember Dr. Claw until seeing him featured in this list, and who could ever forget Cobra Commander? I'd have to add the evil Hordak from She-Ra; he might not have been as fearsome as Skeletor but he's definitely creepier than some of the villains on this list!

That said, I love so many secondary villains that didn't make the list, too, like Catra and Scorpia from She-Ra, as well as some much older villains like Gargamel from Smurfs.

I totally agree with Shredder and Megatron at the top of the list! How about you?

Which villains were your favorites among 80s cartoons? Share them in the chat!

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