Final Stranger Things Season 3 Trailer

It's all going down in less than two weeks!

Will anyone else be binging Netflix on the fourth of July, or just me? Netflix released their final trailer for season three and it's a doozy. Some people were predicting that a certain person would become a baddie, and they were right; and the monster who's attacking this season might be a surprise for some, but it seems like a logical procession from the previous season to me. 

Every character we know and love looks like they're in great peril, but does anyone else feel like using "end" is a little on the meh side? It seems like Netflix was just trying to avoid the same trigger words bloggers have to avoid on Facebook these days. Either way, a lot is in store for the people of Hawkins this summer.

If you've seen the trailer, what do you think about it? What do you think will happen during the third season of the show? What songs do you hope to hear this time around? Whose voice did you think that was at the end? Share your predictions below!

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