How do you win tickets?

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One of the best treats for a kid who grew up in the 1980s is to see their favorite bands play in 2019. While many of the greats have since passed away and still others don't sound as awesome as they once did, hearing many of our favorite bands and singers live is pretty much a dream come true. Concerts don't always come cheaply, though, so what's the trick to buying cheap tickets?

Getting them when they're on sale is always a good idea, and there are several ways to do that. Groupon often has great concert sales for $20 per ticket or even less! You can also often get the tickets on sale while seeing another concert; I remember Whitesnake tickets going for $10 at a concert I went to (with tickets won from a contest!) years ago. There are also really great sales in the spring; sign up at TicketMaster to get emails about these. Still you can also win free tickets by entering contests on the radio or online. Many can also be found on social media.

How do you score free or cheap tickets? Tell us in the chat!

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