How Well Do You Know the 80s?

Try these 80s quizzes

Whether you're from the 80s or just really interested in 80s culture, you may consider yourself pretty well-versed on all things 80s. Maybe you were mad for Madonna and Michael Jackson, rocking the fingerless gloves. Maybe you had leg warmers to die for. Whatever memories from the 1980s that you carry, you can put them to use in these fun 80s trivia games to test your knowledge!

This quiz is about how well you know the 80s, period. From famous couples who wed to references to 80s games, there are all kinds of topics that might either ring nostalgic for you--or surprise you!

Maybe you think you're an 80s expert. In this case, you need to try this quiz! Do you know which video game was so big it had a female version made as well?

Do you know all about Cabbage Patch Kids, Mario and Garbage Pail Kids? Then this quiz about 80s culture is up your alley.

Which 80s quiz is your favorite? Share your own quiz links in the chat. How did you do on the quizzes above?

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