More Cute 80s Merch Spotted

80s Themed Pet Toys are Now at Target!

Roller skates, polaroid cameras, roller skates... you can get all of these 80s icons and more as pet toys now at Target! I love seeing so many nostalgic 80s things pop up lately and these are absolutely adorable. They're the kind of dog toys I don't want to buy, though, because my dogs, which are 60 pounds each, would have them shredded in minutes. I think the boom box is my favorite! It even features a cute little tape deck instead of a CD player.

Honestly our dog toys are just things we buy to reflect on ourselves, right? We want cute things that look adorable in our homes! Unfortunately I can usually only go with the tougher toys, which aren't nearly as cute, but smaller dogs often have such cute toys. If you want to go even more retro (and cheaper), you can even get a Mr. Bill plush!

What other retro finds have you come across this week?

photo courtesy of Wikipedia

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