New Totally 80s Posters

We're digging these throwbacks

If you're a fan of Wonder Woman, you've probably already heard about the new Wonder Woman 1984 poster, which features Gal Gadot looking pretty nostalgic. It reminds me of another nostalgic show that I love--Glow! While we have to wait until next year for the film, all of the totally rad 80s hints we'll be getting while we wait are sure to be fun.

Speaking of rad, have you seen the new Stranger Things poster? It is FULL of new clues for us to pore over until the season three premiere next month. The monster, the fun fair, zombie Billy... we can't wait to see what this season might have in store for us. Anyone else hope Hopper and Joyce get together once and for all?

Have you seen any other great nods to the 80s this week? Share them in the chat.

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