Perms Are Making A Comeback

Did you rock an 80s perm?

Have you heard that perms are making a big comeback? Even salons that have never had perms on the menu before have been asked to do them, and the reason why is simple: it's not as harsh on your hair as it used to be. Curls might have been all the rage in the 80s but today the beach blowout has wavy and curly hair back in style. It's just a much more natural-looking style with fewer chemicals that do hair damange. 

Modern waves with looser curls are the big ticket item when it comes to hair right now, replacing the old tight curls of yesterday's perm. These aren't entirely new--spiral perms often yielded this look when performed more "loosely" on some people--but they definitely give those fabulous beachy waves that everyone wants for a longer period of time. Blowouts are great for temporary looks but perms last months--even years for some people!

"Wavy" or "tousled" is the description many people are asking for when it comes to perms today. Have you ever gotten a perm like this, or a more 80s style perm? Would you do it again? Share your perm experiences in the chat.

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