Power Rangers, Transformers and She-Ra

Are any of these reboots ruining your childhood?

I have to laugh every time I hear someone (usually a white, midde-aged man) complaining about some piece of media ruining his childhood because someone is daring to reboot it. The new Ghostbusters film, which featured four women as the Ghostbusters, seems to have been the biggest movie with this complaint, and Star Wars is probably close behind with all of its gasp! women and gasp! people of color in the cast. The reason I laugh is because the idea that a new piece of media could possibly ruin your childhood is ridiculous. 

If your childhood wasn't already ruined by poverty, abuse, homelessness or anything else that many children have had to survive, congratulations! It can't be ruined. It's over. It happened and it's done. Move on with your life. And if your childhood was nothing BUT this media, congratulations! You're living in a time when you can view your favorites over and over again without having to ever watch a reboot by your own choice. Why not complain or even work to improve the actual ruined childhoods of many kids living today?

We have new reboots upon us between Mary Poppins, Transformers, Netflix's She-Ra and Power Rangers, among others, and I for one can't wait to see some, couldn't care less about the rest and will rest assured that none of these will effect my childhood. How about you?

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