Rest Easy, Marie Fredriksson

Pop sensation will be missed

As a 90s tween, my friends and I would drag my boom box out to the front porch to dance. It was often to oldies songs, but we also loved rock and pop--especially Roxette. We had our own dance to "Dangerous," as well as "She's Got the Look." My favorite of all time, however, wasn't the popular "It Must've Been Love," which many people have applied to their own lives at some point, but "Fading Like a Flower," which I still consider one of the most gorgeous songs ever written.

Marie Fredriksson had an incredible voice. This was before the time of Internet news and knowing every little detail about your pop idols unless it aired on MTV or was published in a magazine, so I don't know anything about her personally. I know I daydreamed about a lot of boys and girls to her music, and I sure loved dancing to it. I read today that she battled cancer for 17 years. That's an incredible fight and I can't even imagine it. I hope she had a lot of joy in her final years with the people she loved.

Do you have any favorite Roxette memories or favorite songs to share? Post them in the chat.

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