Stranger Things Season 3 Trailer

It's finally here!

Okay, you nostalgic for the 80s fans, what did you think of the new trailer for Stranger Things season 3? I could not love this trailer more if I tried. Is anyone else beyond excited about this season? Normally July isn't one of my favorite months but now it can't get here soon enough and everyone in my house is ready to binge this season.

First of all, I think the song chosen was perfect, and I love that they're addressing how teens move apart at this stage in life. I've got one at home right now and watching the process unfold is bittersweet and often painful. That surprise for Dustin at the beginning? LOVE! Poor Lucas, though. Speaking of Lucas, we get more of his sister this season! I love her and can't wait. In fact, this trailer seemed much more girl character-heavy, which is also neat. 

What was happening to Steve and Max's brother? What about Joyce and Hopper? Oh there's so much to speculate about and HOW ABOUT THAT MONSTER! What did you think of the trailer? Post your speculations, hopes and fears in the chat! 

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