Stranger Things Season 4

A teaser confirms the season!

Netflix has released a teeny, tiny teaser of Stranger Things season 4, and while it really doesn't show us much, it does confirm one thing: that we will have a fourth season! It also confirms something that the Duffer Brothers have been promising for years, that the show will venture out of Hawkins territory. We expected that to occur last season, and it sort of did with the food court, but not nearly as far as season four will likely go between wherever Eleven and Will move, not to mention Russia.

So where do you think the season is headed? Will it take place largely in Russia? What about the Upside Down? Many fans are speculating that Hopper ended up in either of these places but the possibilities are, as always, endless!

What do you think is in store for fans next season, and when do you think it will air? Share your thoughts in the chat!


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