Stranger Things Season 4

Who else is feeling withdrawal?

Okay 80s fans, is anyone else finding themselves suffering from Stranger Things withdrawal? Anyone else have the show on as background noise while you're doing chores or working from home, or listening to the soundtrack and getting misty-eyed over Hopper's last scene while listening to "Heroes"... okay, just me? Got it.

Seriously though, I cannot wait for season four, and while we have lots of fun projects to enjoy that the cast is working on elsewhere (did you hear that Finn Wolfhard has his first villain role, and of course David Harbour will be in the new Black Widow movie!), I'm dying for some spoilers here.

Is Hopper "the American," or surviving otherwise? What will happen to El and Will once they move, and will El's powers return? Share your predictions (and any spoilers as they arise!) in the chat!

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