Stress Relief, 80s Style

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Did you know that it's been confirmed that playing Tetris is an excellent form of stress relief? I'm not surprised at all. Tetris was my all-time favorite game as a kid. I even loved it more than Super Mario Brothers 3, which was such a cool game I still play it to this day. Experts say that it really helps you focus on the moment rather than worrying about the past or future. That, too, makes total sense to me, as I'm a chronic worrier who is always trying to be more mindful. You get lost while you play Tetris and it definitely helps you relax.

Modern forms of the game are stacking everything from U.S. states to dolphins, which I think might be a little unecessary and flashy but hey, as long as you get the same benefits. My daughter has enjoyed the states version of the game and learned where the states are located by playing it, but she also still likes the 80s version, too.

What other types of stress relief from the 80s do you still use today? Share your favorites in the chat.

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