Take Me Home Tonight

Let's talk about this awesome, cringey song

This is not an argument against Eddie Money's amazing song, "Take Me Home Tonight." It's one of the catchiest songs ever written and we all love to sing it. That said, the lyrics themselves are so cringe-worthy that I do wonder if they would have held up as well had they been presented today. It's not like today's songs are all without their ridiculous lyrics, but just look at these gems. "I don't want to let you go to see the light." Okay, are we talking morning light, which still sounds funny, or "the light" as in wake up and realize you slept with someone you didn't really want to be with? Ouch.

He also needs some company, a "guardian angel," to keep him warm while the "cold winds blow." So apparently Eddie Money hopes you will watch over him while he sleeps in the desert, your angelic heat vision keeping him warm, because otherwise NONE of those phrases make any sense. And then "Ronnie" sings "Be my little baby" in the middle of the song, which would just be ridiculous in any other song!

Someone needs to make a literal music video of this, stat. What 80s songs do you find incredible while simultaneously being awful?

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