Thinner in the 80s

It used to be easier to be skinny

A lot of people are shamed for their body size and weight in a nation where more than a third the citizens are obese, but did you know that it's actually more difficult to be thin today than it was back in the 1980s? Researchers have discovered that even if you follow the same diet and exercise regime as a healthy person in the 80s, you'll still be 10% heavier today! This makes a lot of sense when you see everything that's added to foods today, but scientists say that everything from our "changing biome to toxic chemicals in our environment" are also having an impact.

This doesn't mean that diet and exercise can't help, but it does show why even people who do those things and can't seem to lose weight struggle so much. Those who do body shame, by the way, should know that studies show those types of comments actually harm people and don't help them lose weight. Not only does positive reinforcement work better, but there's also the fact that you don't know how healthy a person is by looking at them. Only the person and their doctor know their blood pressure, glucose levels and other actual indicators of health.

What do you think contributes most to weight gain today? Share your thoughts in the chat.

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