What Millennials Think of Boomers

Yes, it goes both ways

As a xennial/Millennial, I'm constantly attacked for everything, from killing Applebees and other restaurants to being a snowflake who expects people to use better language. It's funny because people are calling teens Millennials, too, and the youngest Millennials are in their mid-20s now. 

Well, we Millennials have some views about Boomers, too. Some of them are pretty serious, like our views on your votes, and how Reagan was allowed to come into power, stripping the country of citizen protection from big businesses, and how you don't really care about global warming. These feel like attacks, don't they? Not all Boomers, huh? It goes both ways. But there are also some hilarious views that we have about the Baby Boomers that can be summed up with these hilarious photos and memes--which are, of course, the preferred Millennial way of sharing information. Hope you picked up on that sarcasm.

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