Worst Serial Killers of the 80s

Who do you think is the worst?

The 80s were a time of excess and yuppie pleasures, as Christian Bale's gleeful murderer reminds us in American Psycho. In reality, there were many serial killers of the 1980s that were truly chilling people, causing chaos and terror wherever they went.

From the Night Stalker to the Grim Sleeper, the Interstate Killer to the Midtown Slasher, there were just as many psychos slaughtering people in the 1980s as there are today. We just KNOW more news today with the Internet constantly alerting us, which makes it seem as if it's a more dangerous time. Killing 4 people in just 36 hours and killing 14 people in a year are equally heinous when you consider these murderers and what went through their heads.

Who do you think is the worst serial killer of the 1980s? Who do you think is the worst of all time? Tell us in the chat!

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