February 2010

Remembering "Benson's" Marcy Hill

A very talented actress, Caroline McWilliams,  a television veteran who played on Broadway and is  best remembered for her role as  the Governor's secretary, Marcy Hill, in the 80s TV show    'Benson'  passed away this month (on the llth)  from complications of  multiple myeloma at her home. She was sixty four.

'Benson' is an American television sitcom which aired from September 13, 1979 to April 19, 1986 on ABC, starring Robert Guillaume in the title role. Caroline McWilliams was on the show for two seasons (1979-1981).  She left after getting married. She married actor Michael Keaton. They divorced in 1990. They had a son together, Sean.

She was a very talented actress, who appeared  in a wide range of series and TV movies. RIP Caroline McWilliams.